High Pressure Cleaning.


Garner Property Care can provide you with high pressure cleaning of signs, fascias, windows and structural frames as these can become dirty and unattractive without regular maintenance and cleaning.

Our team of fully trained staff can help maintain their appearance on all levels of your building.  We work safely, carry working at heights certificates and full insurance so there is no risk to your business.

Before we carry out any work we will carry out a full site assessment to identify any potential hazards.

Cleaning can be arranged during off hours if necessary, to prevent any disruption to you and your business schedule.

We also provide high level gutter clearing to remove any moss, leaves, debris or dirt in general.

Contact us for any type of high level cleaning in Lincoln, Lincolnshire and the surround areas you have in mind. We will be happy to visit your site for a free consultation and assessment.

“ We provide a professional service, quality workmanship and true value for money. Our team has the flexibility and experience to undertake projects ranging from minor repairs and maintenance to major refurbishments.”