Graffiti Removal.

The success of our service is based on: 
In depth client consultation and site surveys
         Assessment of high and low risk areas 
         Fixed price or square meterage pricing
         Expertise in the many different removal methods

Regular graffiti removal serves as a preventive measure against future incidents of vandalism.  Vandals are less likely to deface buildings if they know their handiwork will be dealt with and removed quickly.

We are able to deal with graffiti removal to help maintain your company image and keep your buildings looking attractive.

Using pressure washing cleaning equipment combined with non-hazardous graffiti removers and warm water we can entirely remove graffiti attacks from any type of porous and non-porous surface quickly and efficiently at any time convenient to the customer.

With the use of hot high pressure washing equipment we can clean most external surfaces removing all dirt, grime, traffic film, moss and more…

Contact us to discuss graffiti removal for your facilities, as well as any other facilities maintenance concerns we can assist you with. One of our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions and arrange for a free bespoke quotation based on your requirements.

“ We provide a professional service, quality workmanship and true value for money. Our team has the flexibility and experience to undertake projects ranging from minor repairs and maintenance to major refurbishments.”