Fire & Flood Restoration

The damage caused by a fire or flood is distressing and can leave you feeling helpless.  The best thing you can do in a situation like this is get professional help as quickly as possible.  Dealing promptly with the situation can often minimise any lasting damage.

You can rely on the Garner team to respond quickly in the event of a fire or flood.  Our experienced staff will put your mind at ease, answer all your questions, and begin work immediately to restore your premises and prevent any further damage.

In the case of flooding, it is critical to remove all moisture from carpets, rugs and other soft furnishings.  We have powerful water extraction and dehumidifying equipment which can remove the water without any problems.  Once all traces of moisture have been removed, we will treat the affected area to prevent mould and mildew.  We will also clean and sanitise your carpet, removing any bacteria and contaminants.  We will repair any damage and restore the area to its previous condition.

Before treating damage caused by fire and smoke, we will examine the area to assess the extent of the damage caused.  Smoke can permeate every crevice and corner of a building and can easily become embedded in carpet fibres, along with ash, which can leave a lingering odour.  Our restoration team will deep clean and deodorise your carpets, thoroughly clean walls and any other affected areas to completely remove any smoke and ash residue.  We can also replace any carpets or flooring that are damaged.

Dealing with a crisis' such as these can be very stressful.  But we will work quickly and effectively to bring your space, and life back to normal again.

Feel free to Contact us if you have any questions about our fire and flood restoration services in Lincoln, throughout Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas or would like to receive a free quotation.

“ We provide a professional service, quality workmanship and true value for money. Our team has the flexibility and experience to undertake projects ranging from minor repairs and maintenance to major refurbishments.”